The Pan-Asian-Pacific Cuisine

GinYuu is the latest gastronomy concept of Kent Hahne. The focus here is the Pan-Asian-Pacific cuisine, which creates a relaxed attitude towards life by using fresh and flavorful products. Individual attention gives the guest the homey feeling of sitting in his living room rather than a restaurant.

This mix of lifestyle and traditional newly-defined Pan-Asian Pacific cuisine create a new world for the guest, in which he can immerse himself and relax while absorbing the exquisite food flavors and taste with all his senses. And our Ginyiis are always by his side as constant companion!

We cook fresh. You eat healthy

GinYuu culinary journey through the Pan-Asian-Pacific cuisine begins with snacks and appetizers. These range anywhere from Edamame soy beans to exceptional salads variations to our Pacific-Californian-infused sushi such as Surf & Turf or Pacific Crunch.

Our specialty curry, rice & pasta creations prepared in the front cooking area expand the high-quality portfolio of our cuisine. 

The many different fusions of pasta and rice dishes, such as Gang Panang or the Asia Pacific Noodles connect the citrus world from California and Hawaii to Asia offering the guest a large selection of unusual and unique dishes.

The Founder

Kent Stephan Hahne became the youngest Franchisee of Mc Donald's in the 90s. The following years saw him develop many outstanding concepts, which he put forward with courage, and even more success.

The foundation for a future career in the franchise and retail sector was laid. Kent Hahne is a visionary and pioneer in the industry today and not without reason a very successful multi-concept-entrepreneur. He took considerable part in the success of many businesses such as Segafredo Germany, Vapiano Worldwide, Le Pain Quotidien - to name a few.

His latest concept is GinYuu. The diversity of Asian cuisine paired with European, Californian and Mexican influences - that's the idea behind GinYuu.


Single Franchising

GinYuu is looking for franchisees who initially are interested in opening one single restaurant. For this purpose, cities with a population of 250,000 to 500,000 are most suitable. Opening additional restaurants is also possible - depending on the GinYuu evaluation criteria. However, the individual franchisee will receive neither development protection nor a contractual development agreement. Limited area protection will be granted.

Area Development Franchising 

The area development franchising option allows franchisees to develop a city or region domestically or internationally. For starters, a development plan will be agreed upon in advance with GinYuu. The franchisee will receive extensive area and development protection according to his agreement. Furthermore, a development fee is due upon finalization of the development agreement. This fee will be determined according to the stipulations in the respective development agreement.

International Franchising

For international Franchise projects, only the area development franchising option is available. For this option, the franchisee is tasked with identifying and considering local cultural aspects – as soon as the development planning begins. In foreign countries the capital requirements will be higher than for the domestic area franchising in Germany.

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