In addition too our guests, the employees of GinYuu, called Ginyiis play an essential role. Ginyiis are the special ingredient that gives GinYuu its unique flavor; they create our GinYuu world.  Ginyiis are entertainers who daily perform on our stage - the show kitchen - offering the guest a piece of real life.  95% of their daily work is the direct communication with our guests.  Ginyiis are people who offer fresh and exotic products to the guest through honest and explanatory dialog.

Meet me - I'm Your GinYii

Our Ginyiis always include the guest in the front cooking process and thus guide him on a culinary trip around the world.  Together they dive into a savory world of  freshness, diverse flavors and high quality products creating customized dishes. As a result of the individual guest attention, the Ginyiis create a unique food experience for every visitor within the little GinYuu world. 

Ginyiis are not service workers, but rather companions that help the guest rediscover and identify himself with the world of GinYuu. GinYuu does not regard itself as merely an employer, but rather a way of life for our Ginyiis.  We count on the input of all our company staff with regard to the creation of dishes and key aspects of the Gin Yuu personnel policy. 

In addition to our guests, Ginyiis are our most important asset, the strongest weapon and the unique selling point of our company!  The success of each one of our restaurants is the success of our Ginyiis!

Skills can be learned, attitude comes from within!